Sue Waters’ – First five tips for writing better blog posts.


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After doing the readings for Week 2 on the wiki I decided to revist them (now that I am a blogger!). Through this reading of Larry Ferlazzo’s blog   I found once again Sue Waters’ Edublog  about tips for better blog writing. (As you can see I leanrt how to add a hyperlink thanks to Sue too!) I am now making a mental note to try to adhere to these tips while blogging. Here they are if you are a blogger:

1. Use short paragraphs

2. Use headings

3. Remember to hyperlink

4.  Always comment back to readers on your own posts (sorry Wendy, fell down here, thanks for being the first to make a comment on my blog!!!)

5. Subscribe to your own blog feed (need to look into how to do this! and Sue has a link to do this too! Thanks Sue you blogging godess!)

Just a few things to think about!

Thanks fellow bloggers,Wow I never knew there was sooooo much


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I’ve been busy looking at other blogs and have to say there are some techno savvy people out there. Feeling a bit out of my league! The links I have found (something I am aiming to teach myself to do) are amazing and are tools which I will be utilizing in my classroom in the near future. Storybird is an amazing site about creating your own storybooks and my 10 year old son has already explored GoAnimate, has watched the tutorial on how to use it and is going to word up his teacher about it. This is such a great step up from the old “powerpoint” they seem to use. I’m keen now to find some links to put onto my blog but where to start in the world wide web? Thanks to all those bloggers out there that keep me thinking and get me enthused once again to go exploring!

Hi, this is me!


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Hi everyone. Time to introduce myself. My name is Melissa Hill and I’m a primary school Teacher at a small Catholic school in rural NSW. I teach full time and am a busy mum, while my hubby is away working, to three great kids who are 10, 7 and 4. I have a small craft business on the side and am President of our local Childcare Centre! YES I’m a busy girl but wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve called my blog “Thoughts when it’s quiet” as I’ll be blogging when the kids are in bed!!! I’m currently completing my 4th year via Deakin and will hopefully be finished at the end of this year. Technology is an area I am wanting to further develop but am wondering with wikis, edublogs, and edmodo if I’ve really jumped in at the deep end here! I’ve read plenty of crafty blogs for ideas and early childhood blogs for the Childcare Centre but have not thought of looking at educational blogs! So here goes! Good luck to you all with this course and I’m hoping to learn lots! (actually I have already in this first week!) Happy Blogging.

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