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Came across this great website when I went delving into Diigo further. It had also been recommended to me by a colleague in another school within my Diocese. The sight is called Bright Ideas . This link will then give you access to Tech Tools for Teachers. An excellent site which is comprehensive in details. It has:

* step by step instructions for downloading, navigating and using the sites reviewed(with screen shots!!); 

* why they like this particular tool;

* areas for use in the classroom.

Tech tools for Teachers has currently reviewed the following sites on their Tech Gen Now page so click the link and see how you can utilise these tools to make teaching more exciting and interactive for your students or use the links below to go directly to the tools they have reviewed and see for yourself. Enjoy discovering!

Voki – creating avators to use as a language tool.

Diigo – (as you would be aware through our studies!) a tools to use to collect, organise and share favourite web pages.

SchoolTube – a site for sharing videos for Primary & Secondary schools moderated by teachers or SchoolTube employees.

scrumblr. – use to create a virtual whiteboard which can be used in the classroom or as a collaborative space for education.

cyber(smart:) – a government site put together to teach students about the cyber world and to deal with cyberbullying.

Skype – screen sharing feature – this feature allows you to share what is on your computer screen with the person you are skyping. It also highly recommends viewers to look at  Edubloggs guide to using Skype in your classroom

bitly – is used to shorten URLs (which I found out stands for uniform resource locator, this I did not know!) It helps students, actually anyone, by shortening the URL as there can be erros made when students copy them from the board, this can waste valuable time and they can be complicated!

This site has sooooo much more in the older posts too. Have a peak and tell me what you think. 



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Hi Melissa,
thanks for the link to this great blog 🙂 Will have to check out all of these websites soon when I have a moment to breathe 🙂

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