My Journey in blog land


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Well I’ve learnt so much and used programs I would never have found without the recommendation of my fellow bloggers. I didn’t realise that there were so many ways to communicate online. My head is spinning with edmodo, blogs and animations just to name a few. I’m hoping to show off some of what I’ve learnt this coming staff meeting. This week’s staff meeting has been dedicated to me sharing my experiences over the past seven weeks. Hope I can do it jusitice!

Little Bird Tales


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I had a play with this program and began to create a storybook to present this Friday at our assembly about the dinosaur unit I’m half way through with my Kinders. At first I was excitied about the way it was going to look but after two slides the time it was taking was frustrating me that I pressed save and left it for later. Now that I’ve left it I’m wondering if it was the program itself, my computer or the user (Me!) Has anyone else found a program which is as kid friendly as this one?? and if you are techno savy (more so than me which is ALOT) what am I doing wrong???? Think I’m going back to the old Powerpoint display for my presentation (sorry! too tired tonight to be patient!)

For all of the students studying


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My sons love the Party Rockers songs, think that is what they are called, and after some supervised Yout Tube searching they found this which I thought I would share with you and it gave me an opportunity to try and post a video to my blog. Happy shuffling studying!Study hard anthem



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Used flickr to upload a family album of a recent holiday. A tool I would probably use to show family who are situated all around the globe, but this is what I use my Facebook for. Through facebook we can also chat and leave comments for each other no matter what time of day it is. I think I will be using this Flickr account to showcase my hairclip and accessories side business I have as this seems easier to me then setting up a website!

Kid Pix and Audacity – by a technology challenged teacher!


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baa baa black sheepMy Kindergartens (and my four year old) love using the Kid’s Pix program by Broderbund software. It allows the children to paint, draw, use stamps and various effects to create pictures. These pictures can then be put into a slideshow for presenting. My four year old loves singing so I asked her to sing a song for my blog. Babb baa black sheep is the favourite at the moment so we recorded this using audacity and she created a baa baa black sheep picture using Kid’s Pix to go with it. Hope it works.


The ipad revolution


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Being a teacher in a small rural school and a Diocese with very limited funds we do our best to keep up to date with the moving trends in technology. The use of ipads in classrooms is an increasing pressure we feel at the moment. We are looking to purchase one for our school to trial but looking at week six’s movie “A truely transformed classroom” made me think of the following questions so I thought I’d post them and see what your views are:

* There was alot of classroom noise with children interacting with the ipads on the YouTube movie. Can I handle my classroom being that noisy even though it is probably “working noise”?

* How will children build their fine motor skills if all it takes is a tap?

* It seemed that these children knew alot of background already on how to use them, set them up with email, how do teachers get to know all of that so we can teach it?

* Are students going to need yearly eye screening due to all of this technology use?

* What happens with those students who just can’t understand what to tap and do too many taps, will we need to have remedial IT classes?

I know, I know, you are saying “gee, she is a bit negative” and I’m trying not to be. I can see many positives to the use of technology too as I have an amzing IWB in my classroom and do all of my lessons on it (but I still love to see my Kinder’s handwriting develop and the pride they take in presenting their bookwork)!  I’m needing more convincing before I swap my books for ipads.

Browsing blogs


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Thought I would have a section here in my blog to highlight things I like on other blogs in our group.

Stumbled upon this social media year book tonight from Kate’s blog. Check it out it’s great. Before joining this unit the only social media sites I would have been able to name were Facebook and Twitter! Thanks Kate.

Thanks to Jaydes blog titled  ICT in schools I leanrt to add a new widget to my blog (or two)! I actually liked Jayde’s cat so much that I have used it too, as well as a cool aquarium one but I’m haveing trouble showing it all. Have a go by choosing one of the marine life options and it will follow the cursor! Fun for some time out! Thanks Jayde.

My Diigo experience.


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Started the Diigo (seriously, how is this pronounced?) journey tonight. Two hours later with my 4 year old tugging at my leg after waking and my husband trying to suck the curtains off the window each time he snores I clicked back into my reality. Wow what a wealth of information people have to share. I’m always trolling the internet for new ideas (really, why reinvent the wheel if there are more talented people out there who have looked for me!) and here it is in the one place already tried and recommended! I did find this great maths wiki link while browsing for useful maths sites. As a teacher using an IWB you are always wanting new warm up activities to keep the children engaged. Have a look at some of these!! (and of course put it in your Diigo library!)

I’m keen to introduce my colleagues to Diigo  because we all share websites and resources that we find which enhance the learning of our students but at the moment “sharing” means to add it to the folder called “useful websites” on our small school server!. Small or big school though it would help organise resources and make them instantly accessible to everyone. I love the idea of being able to put a “blurb” or “comment” about the link you are adding into the library, this makes browsing alot easier and your search is quicker.

Throughout completing this unit I’ve also had an opportunity to talk and share what I’m learning with the two man team who run IT withi in my Diocese and they are keen to know what works well in the education community. I will be passing on a thumbs up to Diigo to them! This tools could be used to share websites throughout our whole Diocese! (The possibilities are endless!) Well, time to pull the covers back over the kids and get some sleep!

Google Reader what have you done to me!!


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Well I’ve set up my google reader account and had great intentions just to keep my eye on blogs from this unit but I couldn’t help myself and have added all of the craft blogs I love to look at too. That little orange icon seems to be the first thing I look for now. Such a great idea and easy to use tool. A must for bloggers! My downfall is definately craft blogs, there are so many talented and creative people out there in the big wide world and I love to see their ideas and read their experiences. So what blog type is your downfall?

LOOK WHAT I FOUND -Bright Ideas – A blog by the School Library Association of Victoria and the State Library of Victoria


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Came across this great website when I went delving into Diigo further. It had also been recommended to me by a colleague in another school within my Diocese. The sight is called Bright Ideas . This link will then give you access to Tech Tools for Teachers. An excellent site which is comprehensive in details. It has:

* step by step instructions for downloading, navigating and using the sites reviewed(with screen shots!!); 

* why they like this particular tool;

* areas for use in the classroom.

Tech tools for Teachers has currently reviewed the following sites on their Tech Gen Now page so click the link and see how you can utilise these tools to make teaching more exciting and interactive for your students or use the links below to go directly to the tools they have reviewed and see for yourself. Enjoy discovering!

Voki – creating avators to use as a language tool.

Diigo – (as you would be aware through our studies!) a tools to use to collect, organise and share favourite web pages.

SchoolTube – a site for sharing videos for Primary & Secondary schools moderated by teachers or SchoolTube employees.

scrumblr. – use to create a virtual whiteboard which can be used in the classroom or as a collaborative space for education.

cyber(smart:) – a government site put together to teach students about the cyber world and to deal with cyberbullying.

Skype – screen sharing feature – this feature allows you to share what is on your computer screen with the person you are skyping. It also highly recommends viewers to look at  Edubloggs guide to using Skype in your classroom

bitly – is used to shorten URLs (which I found out stands for uniform resource locator, this I did not know!) It helps students, actually anyone, by shortening the URL as there can be erros made when students copy them from the board, this can waste valuable time and they can be complicated!

This site has sooooo much more in the older posts too. Have a peak and tell me what you think. 



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